Our story

Openlayer makes AI transparent, explainable, and fair. The founders, Gabe, Rish and Vikas met at Apple, where they were ML engineers and witnessed firsthand the challenge of building trustworthy AI models. Through exposure to dozens of teams at Apple, they were able to get a birds-eye view of what made development pipelines work (or fail), and in turn, gained a special intelligence into how ML teams operate at large and small scale. Each team inevitably ran into the same problem: their models would not perform as accurately as they thought they would in the real world. The founders left Apple to solve this problem by building a best-in-class process for evaluating and improving models.

Meet our team

Gabriel Bayomi

Gabriel Bayomi

Co-founder & CEO

Prev. Siri ML at Apple

Erica Luzzi

Erica Luzzi

Founding designer

Prev. Master in Design Engineering at Harvard

Vikas Nair

Vikas Nair

Co-founder & product

Prev. R&D future experiences at Apple

Gustavo Cid Ornelas

Gustavo Cid Ornelas

Founding engineer, ML

Prev. Duke PhD dropout & MSc at ETH Zurich

Rishab Ramanathan

Rishab Ramanathan

Co-founder & CTO

Prev. ML platform technology at Apple

Parthib Samadder

Parthib Samadder

Founding engineer, Backend

Prev. EC2 Spot at AWS

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Our investors

Mike Krieger

Founder, Instagram

Max Mullen

Founder, Instacart

Gokul Rajaram

Board Member, Pinterest, Coinbase, Doordash

Guillermo Rauch

CEO, Vercel

Yuri Sagalov

Managing Partner, Wayfinder Ventures

Jonathan Swanson

Founder, Thumbtack

Immad Akhund

Founder, Mercury

John Kim

Founder, SendBird