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The debugging workspace
for machine learning

Startups and Fortune 500s alike use Openlayer to track and version models, uncover errors, and make informed decisions on data collection and model re-training.

Powerful, efficient
testing & debugging



Uncover & explain errors

Filter through your model’s predictions to quickly identify common failure patterns and tricky edge-cases alike. Our explainability techniques and automatic error clustering mechanisms help you take corrective action before you ship.



Systematically boost performance

Take corrective action to improve models through clearly defined suggestions. Retrain your model with synthetic data to make it more robust to discovered failure patterns, identify and relabel mislabeled data in bulk, alter model architectures or pre-processing schemes, and more. Finally, a repeatable recipe to rapidly build production-ready models.

Synthetic data

Use synthetic data to make your model more robust to failure patterns. E.g. an error class that is very common, a feature range that is underrepresented, or a class with low accuracy.

Data cleaning & relabeling

Fix deficiencies in your data by re-labeling mislabeled data, using class-imbalance to adjust your dataset composition, or prioritizing what next batch of data needs to be collected or annotated.

Tune model architecture

Use insights to alter your model architecture, hyperparameters or preprocessing scheme. E.g. change your tokenizer if the model doesn’t recognize "happpyy" as positive.



Test-driven development

Build trust in your models through our extensive testing capabilities. Probe for hidden errors by perturbing your data, performing counterfactual analysis, and more. Our privacy-sensitive tests allow you to catch regressions and ship with confidence.



Speed up model development

Collaboration saves engineering time and increases productivity and visibility for engineers, PMs, managers, and other stakeholders.

Track, version, and compare your models and datasets. Manage experiments, generate shareable reports, and compare performance across models.

Screenshot of the Openlayer model registry

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Host on-premise

Openlayer offers an on-premise solution you can host in your own VPC. Deploy via Docker or AWS CloudFormation.

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