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Error analysis

Quickly identify the root causes of your models’ most common failures using Openlayer's intelligent error clustering. Perform seamless and efficient row-level review to validate these errors and diagnose complex edge cases.

Counterfactual analysis

Discover how robust your model is to adversarial attacks. Will your model change its prediction if you vary a feature or set of features in some unforeseen way?

Synthetic data generation

Generate new data to augment underrepresented portions of your training data or test your models’ robustness to specific variations in your test data.

Data cleaning & relabeling

Automatically discover potentially mislabelled data points in your dataset. Quickly review a representative sample of these data points and relabel the errors all at once. Save yourself weeks or even months of tedious work.

Unit & regression tests

As you iterate on your model, write custom tests to catch regressions and ensure your model never fails on special cases.

Track, version & deploy

Tired of the hot mess of organizing, managing and deploying your ever-growing collection of models and datasets? Finally, a simple, beautiful model and dataset registry with reproducible results that you and your team can access anywhere, anytime.

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