Openlayer named a top 100 AI company of 2022 by CB Insights!

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Openlayer for structured data

The most advanced platform for building tabular classification and regression models.

Develop the most accurate, unbiased models across a wide spectrum of tasks. Discover critical insights about your models' behavior to make more informed business decisions.

A few common tasks...

Churn classification

Predict whether a customer will churn based on a set of attributes.

Fraud detection

Detect fraudulent transactions and explain why they look suspicious.

Price estimation

Guard against biases when estimating value (e.g. house prices).

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Model-agnostic, feature-level

Slice and dice your data

Use Openlayer to rapidly filter through and tag mistakes in aggregate. Generate synthetic data and tests from these rows to fix them.

For tabular models, get insights into
which features are most predictive or mispredictive for different slices of your data. Explore deeper to see which values or ranges for a given feature are most influential.

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