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May 30th, 2023

Sign in with Google, sample projects, mentions and more!

📢 Introducing our changelog! 🎉

We are thrilled to release the first edition of our company's changelog, marking an exciting new chapter in our journey. We strive for transparency and constant improvement, and this changelog will serve as a comprehensive record of all the noteworthy updates, enhancements, and fixes that we are constantly shipping. With these releases, we aim to foster a tighter collaboration with all our amazing users, ensuring you are up to date on the progress we make and exciting features we introduce. So without further ado, let's dive into the new stuff!

New features

  • Enabled SSO (single sign-on) with Google
  • Added sample projects to all workspaces
  • Added support for mentioning users, goals, and commits in goal comments and descriptions — type @ to mention another user in your workspace, or # to mention a goal or commit
  • Added the ability to upload “shell” models (just the predictions on a dataset) without the model binary (required for explainability, robustness, and text classification fairness goals)
  • Added ROC AUC to available project metrics
  • Added an overview page to browse and navigate to projects
  • Added an in-app onboarding flow to help new users get setup with their workspace
  • Added announcement bars for onboarding and workspace plan information
  • Integrated with Stripe for billing management
  • Added marketing email notification settings


  • Optimized network requests to dramatically improve page time-to-load and runtime performance
  • Improved the experience scrolling through dataset rows, especially for very large datasets
  • Added more suggested subpopulations for performance goal creation
  • Added more warning and error messages to forms
  • Added loading indicators when submitting comments in goals
  • Allowed submitting comments via Cmd + Enter
  • Improved the color range for heatmap tiles and tokens in the performance goal creation page
  • Updated wording of various labels throughout the app for clarity
  • Allowed specifying a role when inviting users to workspaces
  • Updated the design of the password reset and confirmation pages
  • Updated the design of the in-app onboarding modal
  • Sorted confusion matrix labels and predictions dropdown items alphabetically and enabled searching them
  • Added the ability to expand and collapse the confusion matrix

Bug fixes

  • Adding filters with multiple tokens when creating performance goals for text classification projects would sometimes fail to show insights
  • Adding filters when creating performance goals in any project would sometimes fail to show insights
  • Updating passwords in-app would fail
  • Notifications mentioning users that were deleted from a workspace would show a malformed label rather than their name or username
  • Email was sometimes empty in the page notifying users an email was sent to confirm their account after signup
  • Explainability graph cells would sometimes overflow or become misaligned
  • Users were sometimes unexpectedly logged out
  • Feature drift insights were broken for tabular datasets containing completely empty features
  • Feature profile insights would fail to compute when encountering NaN values
  • Token cloud insights would fail to compute when encountering NaN values
  • Commits in the history view would sometimes have overflowing content
  • Replaying onboarding successively would start the flow at the last step
  • Switching between projects and workspaces would sometimes fail to redirect properly
  • Confusion matrix UI would break when missing column values
  • Sorting the confusion matrix by subpopulation values wouldn’t apply
  • Goals would show as loading infinitely when missing results for the current commit
  • Improved the loading states for goal diagnosis modals
  • Performing what-if on rows with null columns would break the table UI
  • Uploading new commits that do not contain features used previously in the project as a subpopulation filter would cause unexpected behavior
  • Fixed various UI bugs affecting graphs throughout the app