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November 17th, 2023

Enhanced onboarding, redesigned navigation, and new goals

Navigate around Openlayer with ease 🌟

We're thrilled to announce a new and improved onboarding flow, designed to make your start with us even smoother. We've also completely redesigned the app navigation, making it more intuitive than ever.

You can now use several new consistency and integrity goals — fine-grained feature & label drift, dataset size-ratios, new category checks and more. These are described in more detail below.

You'll also notice a range of improvements — new Slack and email notifications for monitoring projects, enhanced dark mode colors and improved transactional email deliverability. We've reorganized several features for ease of use, including the subpopulation filter flow and the performance goal page layout.

If you're working in dev mode, check out the dedicated commit page where you can view all the commit's metadata and download your models and data to use locally.

Stay tuned for more updates and join our Discord community to be a part of our ongoing development journey. 🚀👥

New features

  • New and improved onboarding for monitoring mode
  • Redesigned app navigation
  • New goals
    • Column drift (consistency) — choose specific columns and specific test types to measure drift in production
    • Column values match (consistency) — specify a cohort that must have matching values for a set of features in both production and reference data
    • New categories (consistency) — check for new categories present for features in your production data
    • Size-ratio (consistency) — specify a required size ratio between your datasets
    • Character length (integrity) — enforce character limits on your text-based columns
    • Ill-formed rows for LLMs (integrity) — check that your input and output columns don't contain ill-formed text
  • Dedicated commit page to view all commit metadata and download artifacts


  • Updated Slack, email notifications in monitoring mode
  • Color improvements for dark mode
  • Text no longer resets when toggling between block types in prompt playground
  • Text highlight color is now standard blue for browsers
  • Better transactional email deliverability
  • Navigate to notification settings directly from the notifications modal
  • Improved readability of prompt block content
  • Volume graphs in monitoring mode are more real-time
  • You may now invite team members in the workspace dropdown
  • Reorganized subpopulation filter flow
  • Reorganized create performance goal page layout
  • Improved multi-select for subpopulation filters
  • Requesting an upgrade in-app now opens a new tab
  • You can now specify arbitrary column names in goal thresholds and subpopulation filters

Bug Fixes

  • Back navigation didn't maintain project mode
  • Residual plots were missing cohorts in performance diagnosis page
  • Null metric values would cause all metrics to appear empty
  • Sample projects missing "sample" tag in projects page
  • Icon for comment in the activity log was incorrect
  • Metrics table was busted when missing subpopulation information
  • Performance and diagnostics page would freeze when using 1000s of classes
  • Aggregate metrics would sometimes get cut off
  • Filtering project page by LLMs or tabular-regression would not work
  • App links returned by client API now navigate to the correct project mode
  • Auto-conversion of input variables with spaces to underscores for inference